1913 - Here are Ladies

Three Heavy Husbands
A Glass of Beer
One and One
Three Women Who Wept
The Triangle
The Daisies
Three Angry People
The Threepenny-Piece
Three Young Wives
The Horses
Mistress Quiet-Eyes
Three Lovers Who Lost
The Blind Man
Three Happy Places
The Moon
There is a Tavern in the Town

Here are Ladies is not a poetry anthology but does contain some poems. Rather Here are Ladies is a series of short character sketches occupy the main part of the volume. Some of them consist of no more than a single conversation, or single incident; others may be called stories, and record the events of months or years ; but all are marked by skilful characterisation, and abound in rich Irish humour. These sketches are followed by a section in which the reader is given the opinions and reflections of a certain old gentleman on such subjects as Matrimony, Dancing, Tobacco, Methods of Education, etc. The original and amusing manner in which these various subjects are discussed is very entertaining, and recalls the delight experienced by the reader of the Philosopher's eloquent speeches in The Crock of Gold.


MacMillan and Co., London
St Martin's Press, London

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